You want to be unique

There are thousands and thousands of templates for webpages. But none of them is want you want? No worries. I have solid knowledge in web technology and do not need to adapt to existing solutions. I can build a unique website tailored to your needs, no matter if you give me sketches or just a rough idea.

You have a small budget

I can build a simple website to a good price. If you want a more advanced website to a reasonable price I can use a theme from WordPress. By using plugins and adjustments you can still get the look and the functionality you want. Many sub paged, tailored solutions and advanced technology does not need to be very expensive, especially not if you have provide the text and images yourself.

You want to be able to update your website

I can build a interface where you can add images, texts and chagne, colours, opening hours, contact information etcetera. If you want a more advanced interface on a limited budget I can base your website on WordPress.

You want a website that updates itself

Maybe you do not have time to maintain your website, but still want it to be up-to-date and not look the same year after year. I can build your website so that it automatically adapt its content, for example informs about different opening hours when it is holiday. If you want I can make different content display based on season

You already have a homepage

I can update your existing website, no matter if you want new content, extra functionality or a more modern look. If your website are old maybe it is not responsive, than I can fix that.

You want more

Programming is my main field, my passion is to use code to make your visions come true. But I also have the other skills necessary to make professional websites. Together we elaborate on the overall design of your website, from the purpose to and target group to the layout and navigation. If you need texts and images I can provide that. If you already have material I can help you with proofreading and image editing.