Web technologies


is the foundation when building web pages. You use HTML to label the content to show what is headlines, links, images etcetera. Not on web browsers read the HTML. For example search engines and hearing aids use HTML as well. It is therefore important that it is correct. I use the latest standard HTML5.


controls the look of the web pages. For example colours, font face, layout and animations. I know CSS and the latest standard CSS3 which means that I can make you website look just the way you want.


is used to draw vector graphics, images that are scaleable and therefore of the same quality in all sizes. By combinigng SVG with JavaScript you can get animated images. A basic example is this page for designing a top. Give me some ideas and you will see that the possibilities are endless.


is used to build web pages that are loaded fast, something that both visitors and serach engines like. In mobile phone browsers, AMP pages are displayed in the serach result together with a flash symbol.
HTML and CSS are the basics when making webpages. But the pages will only be static and therefore look the same every time you visit them. With databases, PHP and JavaScript you can build website with dynamic content and functionality.


is a scripting language that is executed on the server. I use that for example if you want the most liked products to appear on the home page. Or if you want to show content based on season


is a scripting language that is executed on the browser. With JavaScript, you can add functionality and visual effects to the web page. That can be anything from a game to guide the user to fill out a form correctly.


is a programming language. I use Java to build desctop applications and have used it to make Android apps.


and how to design them is something I know well. I use the database management system MySQL and the query language SQL. On this website to learn Arabic all the Arabic words, their translations, categories, sound and relationsships are saved in a database.
I like to build web sites from scratch. But in order to save time and money I also use framework and libraries, for example the ones I describe below.


and Foundation are frameworks for the appearance of web pages. They can save time if you want a responsive web site without writing so much CSS yourself. I have used Bootstrap on the Swedish website for learning Arabic and the website of the company STOBO AB:s. I have used Foundation in this page where you can design a top.

Google Charts

is a tool I can use if you want to present statistics in a way that is appealing and pedagogical.


is a JavaScript library that can save time if you want some visual effects without writing so much JavaScript code. But many of the visual effect you used to create with jQuery is now possible with CSS3.
I can also build you website in WordPress.